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    Posted on December 18, 2014 | 11:11

    Hello dear WildMu Community we want to update our Christmas Promotions!

    All payment methods via PaymentWall is +25% bonus credits!

    Merry Christmas to everyone by WildMu Staff 

    By Bupyc (Administrator)
    new payment methods
    Posted on February 25, 2014 | 14:25
    We have improoved our donations system


    Starting today you can donate in more ways from Philippines and +100 more countries

    for more informations about how to donate from your country please check out our newest module

    By Bupyc (Administrator)
    Posted on January 29, 2014 | 19:38

    New feautures in WildMu MAXXXXX :

    1.We have a new Module in Webshop called Jewel Seller , a new way for you  to get more free credits. For more details visit our Webshop page and check out this new feature

    2.From now on you can trade your Online hours for credits at Login area

    3.In Login area is added DS Points Exchange, there you can sell your points from DevilSquare

    4.Soon we will have more new features , we try to do our best for you. :)

    By Bupyc (Administrator)
    Happy Holidays
    Posted on December 22, 2013 | 20:58

    Merry X-Mass !!! 

    Dear players! The administration of the server wishes you a Happy New Year.

    Let it will bring you happiness, health and success.

    Let your objectives be achieved, wishes come true, and achievements are rewarded. 

    On New Year holidays on the server introduced the following changes: 

    The credits from votes are twice increased for 3 days.

    Each player will receive free 500 credits 

    And as there are a lot of various festive events 

    And much more !!! 

    By Bupyc (Administrator)
    PayPal Promotion
    Posted on February 28, 2013 | 23:27
    We have a promotion 20% off the price, when you use PayPal payment.

    Thanks for choosing us!


    By Bupyc (Administrator)
    Game Problem
    Posted on November 2, 2012 | 21:28
    EN: If you have a problem with game connection please download this FILE and put it in your game folder or download again our full client and all will be ok.

    ES: Si usted tiene un problema con la conexión juego por favor descargue este archivo y ponerlo en la carpeta del juego o descargarlo de nuevo nuestro cliente completo y todo estará bien.




    By Bupyc (Administrator)
    Welcome to WildMu season 7
    Posted on July 3, 2011 | 18:23

    Name: WildMu MAXXX
    Server is From: Bulgaria
    Version: Season 7 Episode I
    Experience: 9999999999x
    Drops: MAXXX

    Bless Bug: On
    Reset Lvl: 400
    Max Level: 999
    Reset Zen: 1 mil
    Reset Points: Keep STATS!
    Points Per Level: 25/30
    Box+1,2,3,4,5,6 In Shop Lorencia ! 
    Wings 1,2,3,4 Level in Shop !
    All Jewels in shop 

    Maximum Stats: 65535
    Max Resets: 9999
    Clear Inventory: No
    Clear Skills: No
    Clear Stats: No

    - Vote System - Vote for Us and Get Rewarded! 
    - Grand Reset Feature - Exchange resets for WebShop Credits. 
    - 24/7 Online Dedicated Server hosted in Bulgaria, Sofia.


    By Bupyc (Administrator)
      Status: Online
      Active Today:1,634

    WildMu MAXX
    Version: Season 7 Ep1
    Experience: 9999999999x
    Drop Rate: MAXXX
    Jewels Rate: MAXXX
    Max Stats: 65535
    Max level: 1000 !
    Level Res: 400 !
    Box in shop: +1,2,3,4,5,6 !
    F.O Items in : SHOP !
    WildMu servers:


    Devil Square
    Blood Castle
    Golden Invasion
    Dragon Invasion
    Chaos Castle
    White Wizard Invasion
    CryWolf Defense
    Kalima Kundun
    Halloween Event
    Happy Hour Event
    Erihom Event
    Mystical Soldier Event
    Carnage Event
    Skeleton King Attack
      Kanturu Event

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